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Sisu Samrakshak ~ Child Protector

Essential information on the different stages in the life of a child

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Essential information on the different stages in the life of a child

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Sisu Samrakshak ~ Child Protector

Learn About

1. Pregnancy Care
  • Indications of pregnancy.
  • Importance of pregnancy registration.
  • Care during First to Third month of pregnancy.
  • Care during Fourth and Sixth month of pregnancy.
2. New Born Care
  • Preparing for delivery.
  • Making the baby cry and breathe soon after birth.
  • Cutting and tying the umbilical cord.
  • Keeping the baby warm.
3. Lactating Mother Care
  • Visits from the health worker.
  • Importance of Breastfeeding.
  • When to breastfeed the baby.
  • How breastfeeding helps the mother.
4. Infancy Care
  • Laughing to your child.
  • Talking to your child.
  • Playing Safely.
5. Early Childhood Care
  • Love, Affection and Laughter.
  • Talking to your Child.
  • Playing Safely.
6. School Going: Nutrition
  • What kind of food to give your child.
  • Do's and Don'ts in a school going child's diet.
Sisu Samrakshak - Child Protector


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